Sometimes we want to download a file from torrent website but we feel it’s not safe and faster enough, so we skip the plan to download the same.

What if you don’t have to install any client software on your device and rather can download files faster as compared to your regular torrent download. Yes it’s possible.

After surfing through several sites I found very neat solution for this, It’s so simple and secure that your torrenting experience is going to be rich.

All you need is an account on SEEDR.CC

Once you activate your account you will be greeted with 2gb free space and panel like below

In above dashboard on top left you have your consumed and total space displayed, along with upgrade option. Next to this we have torrent wish list(torrents which you wish to add later)

On the same line we have other options like paste torrent url- you can directly paste url and can add it to your download list below.

same way you can upload .torrent file and once seeding is complete you can download the file by clicking download button. For better performance you can pair seedr with free download manager (Click here for tutorial )

Advantages of

Upgrade if you feel free space is not enough for you. Click here to upgrade

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